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Mad Gallica is an American singer-keyboardist-composer. Her style has best been described as rock popera.


Mad Gallica grew up touring the southeast with her family, performing old-time Appalachian music and songs her parents had written, often singing harmony and playing a range of instruments. Music resonated strongly at an early age and continued through intense study of classical piano and voice. 


Mad Gallica has toured the world as back-up singer and keyboardist opening for bands ranging from Metallica and Ozzy to Guns N’ Roses and System Of A Down.

Mad Gallica's latest debut EP, Enter The Vortex: Act One, funded by hundreds of backers on kickstarter, is set to release in Spring of 2024. It is the first series of songs from her rock opera concept album recorded with the Prague Orchestra. 


Her most recent single release “Souls on Fire,” received rave reviews by fans and critics. Daily Music Roll cites: “The magnetic allure of classical music has been brought back to life once again through the epic soundscape of singer-pianist-composer Mad Gallica [sic]. The brilliant multi-instrumentalist has recently released another masterpiece, ‘Souls on Fire’. [sic] The incredible appeal in her voice is enough to captivate the mind and the souls of the audience. The newly released single, ‘Souls on Fire’ showcases her power-packed vocals breathing life into the thought-provoking and heart-warming lyrical narration.” She later released a duet version with Lord of the Lost's Chris Harms.


Mad Gallica directed a limited release VIDEO that can only be seen exclusively here on her website. Combining the storylines of five classic horror films, she weaves a tale of a never-ending reincarnation cycle between two tortured souls in love.

Find her one-woman-band covers on Youtube!

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