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Souls on Fire
New Single Released

june, 25 2021

Available on all streaming platforms
Souls On Fire (cover art)- Mad Gallica .

What The Press Is Saying

Daily Music Roll Review

"The magnetic allure of classical music has been brought back to life once again through the epic soundscape of singer-pianist-composer from Los Angeles and Nashville, Mad Gallica. The brilliant multi-instrumentalist has recently released another masterpiece, ‘Souls on Fire’. [sic]The incredible appeal in her voice is enough to captivate the mind and the souls of the audience. The newly released single, ‘Souls on Fire’ showcases her power-packed vocals breathing life into the thought-provoking and heart-warming lyrical narration. The sublime words presented through her charming singing penetrate the thoughts and lingers in the mind for a long time. It generates true emotional reactions." among the listeners." - Daily Music Roll (click here for full review)

Jennifer Stone Review

"The brilliant musician based in Nashville and Los Angeles has created a permanent place in the industry with her unique musical form that she calls Rock Popera. She mixes classical music with rock, theatrical, and genres in her unparalleled soundscape. Mad Gallica has astonished the fans with her newest creation, ‘Souls on Fire’ painting a vivid picture of the consistent cycle of life and how we still find greatness in it. Her convincing vocal performance uplifted my soul giving me more clarity. I am highly impressed by her efforts to rise above the monotony of contemporary music by transforming her raw passion into works of art." - Jennifer Stone (click here for full review) 

What The Fans Are Saying

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